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MaryKate Little

Mrs. Mary Kate Little

Physical Education Teacher

I received my BS in Sports Marketing as a student athlete at Clemson University in 2008.  I moved to Athens in 2010, taking a job with a local financial group. While still working in finance, I started the St Joseph middle school girls volleyball program in 2011. Since inception the program has grown in size and has been a success.   

I am passionate about keeping physical education in a school curriculum.  PE is not just a break from the classroom setting, it helps mold the student with lifelong skills necessary for a happy and healthy life. PE instills values of hard work, sportsmanship, and cooperation with peers while promoting physical activity and building character.  Whether teaching Kindergarten or 8th grade, my favorite time is when the children are playing hard and having fun.

When not teaching or coaching, I enjoy spending time with my husband, children, dog, and friends. Although I love living in Athens, I will always be a diehard Clemson fan.

MaryKate Little
MaryKate Little
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