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Marilyn MacMillan

Ms. Marilyn MacMillan

Kindergarten Teacher

I am Ms. Marilyn MacMillan, and I am glad to be back at St. Joseph Catholic Parish School. Many of you may remember me from years back when I was a Kindergarten teacher. I had six consecutive years in the Kindergarten classroom, but I also taught Fourth Grade for one year. Before that, I worked alongside Mrs. Robin Kelly as her Kindergarten paraprofessional for five years. That gives me a total of 12 years of service at Athens only Catholic school.

Savannah, Georgia is my hometown, and I am number six of seven children in the MacMillan family lineup. I have one daughter who happens to be an alumna of St. Joe’s, two dogs with very little schooling, and one cat that knows everything. I love to be creative and to use my artistic talent in drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing. As a teacher, I try to incorporate these elements into my classroom lessons, activities, and projects.

I have called Athens, Georgia my home for the past 38 years, and in that time, I have had the opportunity to earn two degrees from the University of Georgia. I studied Art as my bachelor’s degree, and years later, I returned to college to pursue a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education so I could be here today as an elementary school teacher.

I am looking forward to using my time, talent, and treasure to help your children achieve great strides in their educational pursuits here at St. Joe’s. Please join me in this task so we can work together to raise future leaders dedicated to service in our community and in our world.

Marilyn MacMillan
Marilyn MacMillan
Lower School Faculty