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Paola Dattilio

Mrs. Paola Dattilio

Middle School Spanish

I am originally from Lima, Peru and my educational background includes having an undergraduate degree in Foreign Language Education (Spanish) (K-12) and a Master’s degree in Adult Learning-Secondary Education (Spanish) as well as a degree in International Business. My teaching experiences range from teaching Spanish to Middle and High School students to teaching at the University level. Teaching is my passion as I strongly believe that our duty as teachers is to help our students become lifelong learners and model citizens.

My philosophy of teaching attempts in its best possible way to integrate the Povedan Core Values of Saint Pedro Poveda Castroverde:

1. Christ-centeredness

Your first and sacred duty is to put God in the heart of your students. The ultimate indicator of success in this endeavor is when you see that God is manifested in the thoughts, desires, words, and deeds of your students.

2. Love

In your academics, the teachers must love their students in and for God and vice versa. Everyone should love each other like. When this happens, your school will be transformed into paradise. Remember, the first Christians were identified because of their love for one another.

3. Excellence

Cast your gaze up above and always aim high. Your ideal should be to attain perfection in everything, and this, with the intention of giving glory to God.

4. Simplicity

Allow others to be as they are; as for you, be as God wants you to be. Offer to God the best of yourself. Do the best you possibly can until everything comes to completion. Your merit lies in your good work, your good example, punctuality, vocation, love.

5. Order

It is guaranteed that order will lead us to God. You have to observe and maintain order in everything. Following rules, keeping silence are means to maintain order; when we acknowledge and appreciate their fruits, we learn to love order.

6. Balance

See to it that your students give their best in everything. However, this is not easy to accomplish without giving them some form of recreation. In Good measure, rest and relaxation produce certain benefits. Prudence is to be observed in matters of granting recreation and relaxation. Balance is the key.

7. Joy

Joy makes time fly, study and discipline bearable, life easy, persons lovable, virtue attractive. In short, joy converts earth into heaven.

8. Commitment

Without commitment, you will not make progress in this endeavor. Your commitment to teaching must be accompanied with sacrifice, perseverance and fortitude generated by love. Give me a vocation and I will give you back a school, a method and a pedagogy.

9. Witnessing

Start by doing. In our days, everything is fixed with many words and few actions; no wonder things are badly fixed. Study the lives of great teachers, those who sacrificed much for the good of others, for education, culture and humanity. Having done so, you will then be convinced of the value of doing and of giving good examples.

10. Initiative/Responsible Freedom

Offer space where your teachers can freely express their opinions on education, pedagogy and other related matters. On the other hand, be prudent; consult when in doubt and above all, pray for purity of intention - that you may always be guided by a fervent desire to give glory to God in all things.

Paola Dattilio
Paola Dattilio
Enrichment Faculty
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