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Patricia Fretwell

Mrs. Patricia Fretwell

Extended Day Program Director

The Extended Day Program is designed to provide a safe and supervised environment for the students of the school.  Students are supervised and assisted with homework for a designated time period on Monday through Thursday afternoons.  They participate in outdoor physical activities and games as weather permits.  On rainy days, board games, manipulatives, art activities and a limited amount of video entertainment time are allowed.  Many of the staff members are University of Georgia students majoring in various educational fields.  The average staff to student ratio is one to ten.  

The EDP program complements and extends the philosophy of the parish school, promoting the growth of the whole child.    

This is my 26th year as the Director of the Extended Day Program.  I started the program under the direction of Sister Helen Delores at the request of several St. Joseph parents in 1990.  It is a service that was much needed in our community.  I have a BS degree in Elementary Education and I taught 5th grade for 8 years in Clayton County.

My two sons, Andy and Brad, were attending St. Joseph’s School and that is when I became involved with the school.  That was 36 years ago.  I was a room rep, substitute teacher and volunteered for lunch duty for many years before the EDP program.  St. Joseph Catholic School has and will always have a special place in my heart.

Patricia Fretwell
Patricia Fretwell
Extended Day Director
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