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Counselor Corner


Dear Parents, 

Since October is National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, our school will participate in various age-appropriate lessons and activities related to the topic of Bullying. For the Middle Schoolers, I will implement Christ-centered bullying prevention lessons that provide students in Middle School with strategies and interventions to prevent bullying from occurring at our school. The Peace Be With You, is a Christ-Centered Bullying Prevention approach enhanced with Scripture, morality, theology, and a spirituality rooted in doctrinal statements and teachings.  Students in elementary will receive lessons about bucket filling and learn of ways they can be bucket fillers by giving others sincere praise, compliments, accepting smiles, and displaying concerned interest. 

As parents and educators, developing Christian character in our students is part of our mission. We must collaborate to prevent, recognize, and efficiently address bullying behaviors if it occurs.  However, it's important not to overuse and mislabel the acts of "bullying."  It is natural that children will experience challenges and sometimes make poor choices along the way in their treatment of others. As we coach them through disagreements and conflicts, it is vital that we recognize that they are all learning and will make mistakes along the way.  There will be teasing, times when someone is feeling left out, days when they won’t share the swings, etc. But remember that bullying is when children have an understanding and intent to cause harm to another child repeatedly, and it usually involves an imbalance of power and is aggressive.  

Our faculty and I will continue to encourage respectful, caring relationships among our students and school family. I hope that you will find opportunities to share in this dialogue at home with your children and support the bullying prevention strategies that we have in place at SJCPS.  As always, please feel free to call, or email me if you have concerns about bullying or any friendship/relationship issues that I can help address. I'm confident that with a strong, caring, Christ-centered home/school partnership, we can all work together to maintain a school environment where all our students feel happy, holy, and helpful.  

Best regards,

Julie Nguyen
Saint Joseph Catholic Parish School
School Counselor
706-543-1621- ext.470

Counselor Corner


Hello, SJCPS Parents!
I am so proud and thrilled to be the new School Counselor for the 2017-2018 School Year. It's going to be a fun year filled with learning, growing, and lots of adventures. I cannot wait to get to know you and your child.
First, I want to take a moment to introduce myself to you. I am originally from Vietnam. My family immigrated to the United States through a Refugee Resettlement Program in 1990. Most recently we relocated from Florida, the Sunshine State, to Athens, Georgia. I have been married to my husband for 11 years. My husband and I managed and operated Ru San’s Japanese Restaurant. Together, we have three rambunctious children. Lii Lii is a rising Fourth Grader and Tina a rising Second Grader. Both are students at SJCPS. We also are blessed with John Paul (J.P.) who is three years old. One fun the fact that I want to share is my fascination with hunting and fishing. Last deer season, I killed my very first buck and doe. I also caught a 15-pound catfish and many mid-size bass fishes.
This will be my seventh year as a School Counselor. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and obtained my Master of Arts in School Counseling in Tampa, Florida. I hold a professional certificate in the area of guidance counseling for Pk-12 in the state of Florida and is in the process of transferring my license to Georgia. Previously, I have worked as a full-time School Counselor at a Title 1 public elementary school in Florida.
My goal as a School Counselor is to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure that we are creating a positive, safe, encouraging, faith-filled, and active learning community for our students. I look forward to working with the students, parents, and all stakeholders at SJCPS to help every student develop strong Catholic identity and character, life skills, academic excellence, and positive relationships for successful living in a diverse world.
Lastly, I am most grateful for an opportunity to be at your service and pursue my passion of empowering kids and making a difference in the life of a child. On a side note, I'm attaching a school counseling brochure that will further explain what types of programs and services offered and how you and your child could utilize these services. Feel free to stop by my office and say Hi, or email and call me if I could assist you in any way. I am here for You!
Julie Nguyen
School Counselor
work: 706-543-1621/Ext.470
cell: 352-262-8867