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Curriculum Overview - Fourth Grade



In conjunction with our mission statement we are rooted in Christian values and love of God. We learn and live this every day through faith and service. Instruction integrates Catholic doctrine and tradition, Scripture and the Church’s social teachings to follow Christ. The Commandments and Sacraments are fundamental themes in the curriculum.

Language Arts

Reading is the key we teach our students to use effectively to build knowledge through progressive comprehension, academic vocabulary, and independent analysis. Our reading series, Journeys, emphasizes Catholic identity through positive story character traits and moral decisions. In addition, the language arts curriculum integrates technology to accommodate a variety of learning styles.


In fourth grade, we focus on developing mathematical thinking and understanding as a lifelong skill.  This is accomplished through computational skills, conceptual understanding, reasoning, problem solving and communicating, integrated with technology.


Fourth grade delves into a variety of science topics which help prepare them to progress in a STEM based future. Physical science (energy), Life Science (structures and processes), Earth Science (Earth’s place in the Universe), Earth and Human Activity (Natural resources and environment), and Engineering design are incorporated throughout the year. Asking questions, defining problems, and planning and carrying out investigations are explored through the scientific process.

Social Studies

Early United States History is the emphasis of 4th grade Social Studies. Students develop the ability to appreciate, analyze, and relate America’s past, present, and future. Topics include: geography; ancient and native American civilizations; European exploration from the discovery of the New World to colonization; and formation of the thirteen Colonies. Georgia history and historical significance is explored and tied into many of these topics. Students also examine current events and analyze their impact on our world.