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Resource Program


St. Joseph Catholic Parish School has a resource teacher on campus five days a week to provide remediation and enrichment for students with a wide variety of learning needs across all grade levels. The resource program also supports students on Student Success Teams and collaborates with the School Counselor and classroom teachers to support classroom and testing accommodations. 

Resource services are provided in both small group and one-on-one settings, based on student and classroom needs. Remedial instruction focuses on foundational skills as well as skills supporting grade-level standards. Enrichment instruction extends student learning and promotes critical thinking skills.

The primary focus of resource is on reading and math instruction, while some services in Middle School also include science and social studies to meet reading comprehension needs. 

By serving all grade levels, the resource teacher has a pulse on the entire school and can assist students as they progress through their years at SJS.

SJS is STEM Cert