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Safe Environment

Safe Environment


The Archdiocese of Atlanta requires all students to participate in "VIRTUS-Protecting God's Children" Safe Environment Training.  Our counselor, Mrs. Nguyen, will provide training for students in grades K-8. Children learn that God is a loving, listening, caring presence in their daily lives and that they should feel secure and safe in sharing information about problems or people that worry them with a trusted adult. The training will take place in two parts, Lesson 1 in October of 2018 and Lesson 2 in Winter 2019. This program is provided to us by the Archdiocese of Atlanta and is a part of our ongoing effort to help create and maintain a safe environment for children and to protect all children from sexual abuse. If you do not want your child to receive the Safe Environment training, you can contact Mrs. Nguyen and request that your child opt out of the training.  

Safe Environment Office Link

Office of Child and Youth Protection Link

Reporting Abuse (24-hour abuse reporting: 1-888-437-0764)

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Link


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