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Curriculum Overview - Pre-Kindergarten


Throughout the year, students will learn about their role in the Church. In addition, students attend weekly Masses and a monthly Rosary with the entire student body. Students gain a deep understanding of God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit, and how they can establish relationships with each that make their lives special. Pre-Kindergarten students learn that God is our Father and has a great love for us. We spend time reading stories in the Bible and discussing how those stories affect us currently. We learn about all of the religious holidays and the different liturgical seasons. Students will also learn about some of the saints throughout the year and how their example can teach us to be better stewards of faith.

Pre-Kindergarten is an experience that lays a great foundation for success in Kindergarten. It is a time to expose students to an educational experience of learning the fine motor skills to write and the sounds of the alphabet so as to prepare them for learning to read and write in Kindergarten and beyond.  

Through exploration centers, Pre-Kindergarteners learn social and developmental skills which fosters a love for learning. In these centers they explore academic and social skills through active play. The centers are themed based on Science and Social Studies standards which include weather, states of matter, plant life cycle, landforms, and cultures around the world. Students will be exposed to writing skills, the alphabet (using Orton-Gillingham), and number sense daily.  

An Overview of the Creative Curriculum and Developmentally Appropriate Practice

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