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Faith Life


At St. Joseph Catholic Parish School we are Happy, Holy, and Helpful.

Aside from the alliteration, these three words sum up the overall character and human formation we strive for at Saint Joseph Catholic Parish school. In 1991 Pope St. John Paul II published an Apostolic Exhortation called “pastoris dabo vobis” (I give you shepherds). It was specifically directed at the formation of young men for the priesthood, but the principles are excellent for all Catholic education. We should all have formation in these four areas: human, spiritual, apostolic and intellectual. At Saint Joseph School we sum up these four areas with “happy, holy, and helpful“. Happy: human formation tells us that when we are good, we are more happy. Holy: spiritual formation means growing confident in our relationship with God through the sacraments and prayer. Helpful: apostolic formation means we are concerned for the spiritual and material well-being of others. Intellectual formation takes place at the school in all classes. We believe the essence of a Catholic school is the formation of all aspects of the human person.

Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, and continuing through the eighth grade, St. Joseph's students attend religion classes daily. This serves to form the students in both understanding and practicing our Catholic Faith. Students study the life of Christ, the Catechism, Scripture, and Church history, building knowledge from one year to the next. Additionally, Church teaching is integrated into every subject in order to help students understand content within the context of Catholicity.   

Teachers instill in our children Orthodox Catholic teachings, as well as a spirit of service, the combination of which enables them to live in a way that reflects the Gospel of Jesus. We strive to create an environment within the school that reflects and deepens an awareness of our living Catholic Faith, and of cultivating a deep reverence for the true presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Our days begin and end with prayer, as do our classes and lunchtime. Celebration of Mass and Adoration of Christ in the Eucharist are central to our community. Our Lord and his Church are at the very heart of a Catholic education, and are a beacon of light to every child who attends St. Joseph Catholic Parish School.



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