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Athletics Program


Saint Joseph Catholic Parish School is proud to offer a competitive sports program for its Middle School students and encourages all to participate. Saint Joseph is proud of the fact that we are the only private or public school in town that allows 6th-grade students to participate. Once Middle School students handle the academic transition that comes with moving up from the elementary school setting, they are allowed to join the team and improve their skills, as well as contribute to team success. SJS offers the following sports and provides for a competitive environment in each: Flag Football, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer, and Tennis. Thanks to excellent coaches and committed student-athletes, we continue to remain at the top of our game.

Mission Statement


Saint Joseph’s athletic program was developed to provide all students access to extra-curricular sports in a supportive and learning environment. The primary goals include the development of skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, and team spirit. Participation of all students is encouraged without regard to skill level, experience, or game knowledge.

Fee Schedule


SJS is STEM Cert